Where it Began

It always seemed that any moment could instantly become a teachable moment with my dad.


Sometimes it was a simple, “Who sings it?” while listening to tunes in the car, but dinner really took the cake. Often we would be discussing nothing in particular, and it would spawn some sort of question from either my brother or me.

Nearly every time that question was asked my father would leap from the table, rush off to the downstairs closet, and return to the kitchen with a book specifically on the topic we were discussing.

“I think I have a book on that.”

Without fail.  Every. Single. Time.  The closet (and my dad) delivered the answer.  He was our ‘google’ before the internet existed.

It came to be known as the magic closet.  Sitting right at the bottom of the stairs, it was filled with shelves of books, records, photo albums, games, and a rod for clothes (although I don’t think it was ever used for that purpose); It was a place to hide, to play, to spy, to climb, and to learn.

Even though that love is still with me, and every day I work to share it with my students.  After a decade as a science teacher, I am feeling a pull back to the closet -to build that same sense of awe into the experience of my students.  I want my room to be that gateway to learning for them that the closet was for me.  Getting there will tricky, and I hope to work though that journey here.

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